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The Invention of God

The Invention of God - Bill Lauritzen I'm a member of several discussion groups on Google and Facebook, and every month or so another promotional post arrives from Bill. He seems desperate to not interact with any of the communities he promotes this book to, but would certainly like them to pay him money for the privilege of reading his wisdom. That makes Bill a spammer.

But it is worse than that. When confronted on his actions he is unapologetic, suggesting that he'll keep spamming as long as the groups don't ban him. I don't know about others, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

As to Bill's book. The sample I read was obviously tainted by my bias against Bill's spamming of every group he can find. But even if I set aside my bias, I found Bill's work to be novice level philosophy dressed up as amazing insights. I certainly wouldn't have made it past the free sample, let alone pay money for this nonsense. This is a classic example of cherry picked ideas and explanations. Volcanoes? What about the Sun? What about the weather? Just two examples of religious inspirations that (from my albeit shallow reading) Bill arrogantly ignores.

So in summary: don't waste your money on this book, if only for the fact that Bill might stop spamming every discussion forum and crawl back to his little cave.