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Kill or Be Killed, Vol. 2

Kill or Be Killed, Vol. 2 - Elizabeth Breitweiser, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips After loving Brubaker and Phillips' Velvet series I found myself wondering what they were up to now. So I went to Image Comics and saw Kill or Be Killed and The Fade Out - the later will have to wait for another day.

This is quite possibly my favourite Brubaker series. The writing is tight and gritty, but not without flourish. The art is spot on - even if Kira resembles Velvet Templeton. And it is clear the rest of the series is going to wallow in moral and ethical ambiguity dilemmas. If I'm picking the twist correctly, then this is going to be a killer ending. Bring on Volume 3.

NB: read the instalments for Vol 2 as they came out, hence the early review.