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D.E.D Dead

D.E.D Dead - Geoffrey McGeachin As I've already read this I will leave the original review below. While I enjoyed the book a second time, I didn't enjoy it as much as when I originally read it. That is partly because I noticed more things that troubled me slightly about the writing, and found the novel less humorous. While the latter could just have been my current mood, the former was related to how female characters were described. I understand that this is meant to be a Bond-esque spy novel with Aussie larrikin traits, but it still came off as a little misogynistic.

Although, now having read more of McGeachin's books, I did appreciate more of the in world references to other books in his oeuvre.

I read the sequel to this book last year - DED and Kicking - and loved it. It was fast paced, humorous and tickled my inner Aussie. Geoff really knows how to set up a quick read thriller.

I read the last book in roughly an afternoon and that is roughly how long this one took to read as well. Even at 300 pages it literally flew past. Very enjoyable Sunday afternoon read.

One thing that should be noted though is that Geoff loves Australia and Asia, is not big on politicians and America. He writes with as much Aussie vernacular as possible, which is less prevalent here than in his other novel. This can be off-putting to some readers, but it is worth embracing for a fun read.